Mind, Body, and Spirit: Finding the Balance




We have all heard the terms Mind, Body, and Spirit while in some institution of education.  A health class in grade school, a religious setting, or a fitness class, the trio has been articulated to us.  But what does it mean?

First let me quickly define each of the terms separately.

The Mind:  Simply put, the mind is a person’s intellect.  It is the element of a person that enables perception of the world around them.  To be able to be aware of experiences, to think, and to feel control the mind.  Without a mind, the person would not be able to understand, reason, judge, justify, or otherwise make sense of anything that is going on around them.  Mind is the capability of consciousness and thought.

The Body:  The body is our “Blue Print”, it is our physical structure of being a human, and it is distinct material of matter that allows our mind to know we are present on this Earth.  The body is the vessel in which carries out the physical duties necessary for survival, which has been dictated by the mind.

The Spirit:  Mind/Body connection is necessary for life; spirit dictates the quality of life.  Spirit is synonymous to the soul.  A person’s spirit is the nonphysical entity that is the headquarters of character and emotions.  The quintessence of a person; the motivating forces, moods, attitudes, morals, ethics, standards, principles, beliefs, morale, temper, outlook, and resolution are all due to the role of spirit.  The true ego or inner-self of a person is the spirit.

In today’s world, the masses lack most in spirit.  When spirit is low, our mind carries the body throughout existence with the basic survival needs.  The human race can do some horrific and terrible things to each other or to Mother Nature without remorse just to survive.  On the other hand, there are many people who have a level of spirit within them to produce many acts of selflessness, despite their own personal survival needs.  All three elements are partly developed through our cultures, environments, and childhood upbringings.  However, all three elements are able to be self-nurtured.

We are all familiar with the name of arguably the best quarterback in American football history.  Yes, Tom Brady who has stuck with the New England Patriots for his entire career, despite taking a cut in his salary.  What I find extremely interesting is that Tom has taken the idea of finding balance between Mind/Body/Spirit seriously.  He has hired coaches in all three categories to work with him both in season and during the off season to help him continually find the balance. His mind understands what his body needs, and how his spirit feels.  This has allowed him to walk the line to becoming a great leader, teammate, friend, family member, and mentor/role model.

I understand we are not all as fortunate to hire the help we need to find the balance between the trio of termed words that we have heard so many times, and maybe never fully understood.  This is the point of this blog.  You now know the definitions of mind, body, and spirit.  Now, we seek our own balance through many resources all around us.

Is your mind is weak?  You can strengthen it through self-help books, brain games, counseling, and thousands of other educational resources.  Is your body is weak?  You can change your diet.  Start exercising.  Eliminate many bad habits you have created over the years, and seek out health care professionals’ advice.  If our spirit is weak, we can meditate, walk into nature, take time to play, and seek out the advice from other spiritual leaders.

Folks there are so many variables here, but to balance the Mind/Body/Spirit you have to be willing to try.  No one is perfect, and finding total balance may never be achieved.  Making efforts to change certain aspects increases the quality of your life.

I also want to quickly mention how the interactions of the three elements.  If any element suffers, the other two will suffer.  Vice versa, if you improve any one of the elements, the other two will improve.  Here is a quick example of what I mean:

To destroy your body with lack of sleep, poor nutrition, and lack hydration, the mind does not function as well.  Now your spirit is low.  Your mood will be in a negative state, and your mind gives into a depressed state.  If you improve your sleep patterns, get a higher quality diet, and drink more water, your mind is sharper.  Thus your spirit is much higher.  Both ends of the spectrum are going to be perpetuating as well.  In other words, the more you fall into the deficit of body, the harder it is to increase the functions of your mind and spirit.  On the contrary, the more you pull yourself out of the deficit, the easier it becomes to increase mind and spirit, thus making it easier to maintain finding the balance.

To sum this blog up I am going to now define for you Mind/Body/Spirit as one.

Mind/Body/Spirit: The interdependent functioning of the three elements that make up a person, whether balanced or imbalanced, is the trio of words termed Mind/Body/Spirit.  Finding balance to Mind/Body/Spirit is a lifestyle that will create a higher quality of life.  It will increase health, wellness, and vitality through holistic personal development.

Where does one begin to find the balance?  First, take a look at each individual element as it stands currently in your life now.  Determine where you may be able to make some changes.  Begin to implement some changes in each category.  You can kick start the three elements to become in touch with each other by engaging in the practice of Self Myofascial Release.

SMR helps to release the tension in the fascial netting of a person, which helps to decongest the physiological passageways and vital energy pathways, which stimulates an awareness of “self”.  P-Knotting is a form of SMR and will help to connect the mind to the body, which will evoke spirit.  You will begin to have a better image within “self” on what the mind needs to do to support the body with the exuberance from spirit needed to complete the personal changes.  With the trio aligned, personal development will begin to manifest helping you to live a healthy and long life.

Thanks for taking the time to read this blog.  Be Well, Drink Water, and folks #TheIssueIsWithTheTissue.  Happy P-Knotting!!

Ethan Plante
Ethan Plante

Ethan's primary role is educating P-Knotters. His favorite P-Knot Move is the Grab and Pull in the hamstrings from a deficit using a UniSphere.

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