“Pain, Posture, Performance”

P-Knot sees the three P’s as interdependent links. If an individual experiences pain from an injury their body will move differently to avoid such pain.  These new movement patterns create undesirable postural deficiencies.  As posture changes the body’s range of motion decreases.  As their range of motion decreases their daily performance suffers; from bending over to tie a shoe to swinging a golf club properly.  The reverse of this may be even more common, where individuals repetitively perform movements due to daily habits, routines and the world’s demands.  Examples, may be sitting at a computer for hours everyday, hammering nails on the construction site, or practicing tennis serves for an hour everyday.  The body learns these new movements creating muscle and postural imbalances.  Overtime the body experiences tissue tightness and wear resulting in pain.

“The Issue is with the Tissue”

The P-Knot is a form of Self Myofascial Release which is a form of self-massage to break down bound up connective tissue as well as muscle “knots”.  P-Knotting muscles back into a more relaxed natural state restores movement since tight muscles no longer restrict the body’s movement.  This is temporary as the day’s demands contract and alter the muscles.  It is like brushing your teeth, you won’t have clean teeth for long if you only brush once a month.  For long lasting results it should become a daily practice, or as we like to say “Undo Your Day”.  P-Knotting promotes muscle health and physical hygiene.  

“There is but one disease, and its name is congestion” – Paracelsus

In addition to breaking apart bound up connective tissue, P-Knotting promotes blood and lymph flow.  Bound up connective tissue creates congested and restricted areas within the body.  The body produces all the necessary chemicals and raw materials to cure itself of ailments, illness, and disease, however the issue lies in getting these nutrients into the areas which need repair.  P-Knotting reduces congestion and restriction allowing free flow throughout the body. This holistic modality follows the original guidelines of preventive medicine. Preventive medicine is the philosophy of focusing on the treating of the disease, illness, or bodily dysfunction rather than just the symptoms.  The human body will operate smoothly into old age if it is properly maintained.

Understanding the Body

The Human Body consists of 206 bones and 600 muscles once it is structurally developed which makes up the musculoskeletal system. The 600 muscles sit in 600 protective bags called fascia. These fascial nettings are all connected to each other. P-Knot looks at the human body as one muscles consisting of 600 components that through a given series of compression and tension will move the 206 floating bones into movement patterns. These movement patterns, when in optimal balance, make up an individuals’ “Blue Print”.  The problem is everyone’s “Blue Print” is off or shifted for the reasons explained above. This is where the mysterious puzzle begins. There are infinite combinations of perpetuating causes for our “issues with the tissues” as everyone’s life experiences are so different.  However it is important to realize where the symptom is felt does not mean it is the origin of the problem since the body is so interconnected (see anatomy trains).  For example, wrist pain could be caused from shoulder issues even though pain is not experienced in the shoulder.

This is a light overview, our blog helps explain all the details. Still have unanswered questions? Check out our FAQ.