Self Myofascial Release Defined

What is Self Myofascial Release?

It has been a gratifying endeavor to be on this #PknotPath… I set out to educate people on the benefits of Self Myofascial Release.  Using the P-Knot as the catalyst, it has always been about an educational movement.  It has been over two years now since the P-Knot Industries has been an LLC!  We have been able to touch lives of all populations and cultures, teaching them what SMR is, what the benefits are, and why it is so important to instill into our youth.

It has been an interesting journey to see the reactions of people when I say “Self Myofascial Release” when describing what the P-Knot is.  This tool has sparked many different responses, jokes, questions, and confused looks.  But, to follow up with theterm, I explain it is a tool designed for self-massage.

I decided that it was probably a good idea to define each word today in this blog separately, and then define the three terms as a whole.  So without further ado folks…



Be Well, Drink Water, and remember folks #TheIssueIsWithTheTissue    Happy P-Knotting!

Ethan Plante
Ethan Plante

Ethan's primary role is educating P-Knotters. His favorite P-Knot Move is the Grab and Pull in the hamstrings from a deficit using a UniSphere.

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