FreeRolling to Alleviate Residual Tension and Stress

FreeRolling is a great way to alleviate residual tension and stress that we hold within, but without having the pressure of “I have to” or “I need to” hanging over our heads. In other words, we all have things on our mind that we know we should do for our own health, but sometimes we fight the mental battle of having yet another thing on the list for the day to check off. Sometimes having specific rules or tasks can make us resent the actions we know we should be doing for ourselves. FreeRolling is a way to help us on those long crazy days to shift our attitude from “having to do” to “wanting to do”.

When engaging in FreeRolling, there really is only one rule; there are no rules! Spend as little, or as long as you would like on any area of your body that you feel like P-Knotting. You can P-Knot in the couch while watching a movie, or in your bed while taking a snooze. You can take your P-Knot to your favorite spot in nature, or use it to prop yourself up while reading a magazine. FreeRolling can be done in addition to your daily routines such as the Daily Habit Challenge, or you could replace the daily routines when that day comes that you just do not feel like following any more structured plans. FreeRolling is not an excuse to fall out of healthy habits and routines, but rather a supplemental way to get you through those lazy or anxious moments in life to keep the attitude on the positive “I want to” path. FreeRolling is also a fantastic option for those who are in the “I want to” mindset as it allows you to truly explore the Power of the P-Knot.

Whether you are FreeRolling to prevent a negative mindset while sticking to your healthy habit, or you are FreeRolling to accelerate a motivated conviction, you will be embarking on a style of P-Knotting that has no specific plan. It is a method of being able to freely search for the specific areas that you personally need to work on, or perhaps areas to avoid. Release your inhibitions and allow the subconscious to dictate the P-Knotting session. Put attention to deep breathing, quiet the mind, and be open to an unplanned and internally guided FreeRoll.

Issue with the Tissue

Keep in mind that P-Knotting can be intense in certain areas, but it is a sign that there is an Issue with the Tissue. If a particular area hurts more while P-Knotting, that area is congested. These more painful areas of tension and stagnation need more attention. If you are engaging in a FreeRoll, it is your choice to spend more time on an area that needs the extra care, or to move on to an area that is less intense. It is YOUR session, but if you choose to move on, please make note of the area for another day.

In addition to the Daily Habit Challenge, FreeRolling is a great approach to holistically gain health, wellness, and vitality, as well as begin to align mind, body, and spirit. Remember, FreeRolling can be a substitute on a particular day where the attitude needs to shift from “I have to” to “I want to”, or it can be added in addition to your normal daily routines. Either way, you will be thankful you did when the session ends.

Consider spending 30 minutes once a week to FreeRoll (because you want to) and discover the meaning of self in Self Myofascial Release. Click P-Knotting Techniques to learn about the many ways you can manipulate the P-Knot to enhance your FreeRoll experience.


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