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P-Knotting for Rotational Power: Undoing the day to gain back your Transverse Plane.

P-knotting the #BremudaTriangle: Scalenes and Upper Traps from a wall in a #StratoSphere position.

The Coracobrachialis IS the 5th rotator cuff (in my mind anyway).

Resolving Adhesive Capsulitis: P-Knotting the Infraspinatis.

16.5 CrossFit Prehab: waking up the scapulae stabilizers + opening the Thoracic Spine

#BicepitalTendonitis and front of the #ShoulderPain? Read, watch, and follow along.

Pec Minor problems can effect the Trapezius in a “Trap Raise” exercise + stop crowding the shoulder

16-1 CrossFit Prehab: don’t let the Coracobrachialis cause shoulder issues for the CrossFitGames

Shoulder Pain from Tennis? Try this.

Overhead Press Improvement:4 mins to make your OHP more efficient, pain free, and technically sound

Upper Trapezius from an overhang using a hip thrust or bridge hold

Shoulder clicking, shoulder popping, and shoulder pain? Subscapularis could be the blame…

Shoulder Pain? Perhaps you carry a bag, briefcase, or do #farmerwalks? #pknotting the deltoid help

P-Knotting for Thoracic and Shoulder Mobility

P-Knotting for Migraines and a better shoulder pattern

P-Knotting the Trapezius

#P-Knotting the deep and superficial upper back

P-Knotting the Coracobrachialis.

P-Knotting the T-Spine between the shoulder blades from a deficit.

P-Knotting to regain a stiff shoulder / arm from sleeping like a jerk last night.

P-Knotting to improve Overhead Reach.

P-Knotting for Shoulder Mobility

P-Knotting the Subscapularis

P-Knot SteamRoll on the Teres Minor and Major w/ some rear Deltoid as well.

P-Knotting for anterior shoulder pain. Look where you slipped not where you fell.

Repatterning with P-Knot to fix your anterior shoulder pain. The Issue is with the Tissue!