Sunday Separation: separating 2016 from 2017


happy new year everyone

Ok, so tonight’s Sunday Separation is delivered a little differently this go around.  No pictures, no videos, no “hey folks what’s going on?”, and no HASHTAGfilter. ha.

There we go, it began or begun?.  Some of you are a little bit confused, some of you are intrigued, and some of you are like “yup”.

The meaning of Sunday Separation will (and should probably have (( you’ll understand if you keep reading)) been defined officially on the website this calendar year)… Calendar year, hmm             don’t get too lost in that thought because you have to keep reading.

So, a lot can happen in a year.  Last year I wrote a blog on how to make any day a new year’s eve resolution. But… (cause there is always a but), sometimes having a “change in the wind” is great for a good olde fashioned new year resolution.


  1. Transparency:   The fact that I am not a writer or a blogger or a guy who doesn’t know when to put a comma in or anything of that nature and is doing a run-on sentence and it is going to screw up the WordPress thing and all the lights won’t be the optimal green colored dots………blah

yes this is a weakness.  But, I feel humanity does not care about perfect grammar all the time even in business.  Not in 2017 anyway! I will still be more conscious of the Your vs the You’re, but sometimes AutoCorrect gets in the way, right?

I think transparency goes a long way today.  If you let someone know “hey I am good at this, but bad at that”, or “hey I screwed up”, or “hey I still am not using grammatically correct commas in a blog which ruins the whole point of getting higher up on the GOOGLE rating”, I feel it can lay the groundwork to an understanding of us as human.

2. Transparency and P-Knot:

     It has been a crazy year since that last blog on NYE.  Let’s see, well for one P-Knot found its groove.  Another, the groove changed a bit.

Being a small start up company (with a strong mission am I right #PknottersSociety?) You could say Grass Roots.   But, that is ok with us…

Us:  The third person to the first person the whole thing with grammar again!!!


Something my partner and I agreed to stay true in our business is Transparency   ####### hold up a minute #########  it is now 2017, and there has been a separation between ownership.  Oh, and yes, #SundaySeparation.

I truly love the guy/brother who helped me develop the product I saw in my head.  He is a gifted mind with a lot of things in departments that are not mine.  We are no longer partners, but we remain friends.  He is someone I can call and he will answer every time.  Love you Ryan!

To be transparent this year has been a whirlwind for me personally.  Going from entering 2016 with a mindset that had been challenged, changed, pushed, directed, talked about, internalized, uprooted to the Village, and to end this year,  separating ways with a man I must give all the credit in the world for pushing me to this point of saying “hey if we got someone willing to pay international shipping costs because our best marketing outside of guerrilla style with yogis and crossfitters alike are due to Instagram posts”…well hey LETS JUST BE CRUNCHY 2017.   He pushed me to a Perfect PHlaw.  He pushed me to where I couldn’t worry about not saying could not vs couldn’t to make sure it was optimal for the WordPress.  It pushed a full circle realization of why there was a P-Knot Adventure to begin with.  Thank you Ryan.

Where I am going with this ramble/rant, is that NOTHING IS PERFECT!   We are all in this world; together.   We can look at all the little details of perfection, and all the WE “I want” (and I am not suggesting those details don’t have justification but rather not all be ignored either) but 2017 is the year we shall say “be you” “do you” DON’T JUDGE unless you are literally a judge…

It is where I want to recount on last year’s blog!  My New Year’s Resolution is to come full circle with how this Grass Roots company got started to begin with.  I am very grateful for having the process of what has just happened start to finish, to have happened.  I have learned that imperfection is ok.  Or is it O.K.? idk WordPress will figure it out with all these squiggle lines over stuff that aint proper, I think…

Love the guys (Marco and Tom, aka Esquandolas and Tomaso Greene) for everything they have put in, including the “I vs We”.  It is them, and us, but also I.  It is hard to separate the worlds sometimes but again 2017…To No Perfection!  To Being The Best Version Of You!  Honestly, these guys have been there so solidly.  They DO NOT get enough credit for it.  It is them, along with Ryan, and this full year of realizing this is real life, that “I” am saying that “we” here at P-Knot are who we are…. we are here for you, we spend time with you if you stop by against our better time management, we are always here to remind you to drink water.   We may have changed from 2016 to 2017, but so haven’t you?

This could go on for ever so this blog is done, you get the point.   Judge if you may, but we are here to Stay!

Feelings, emotions, opinions, morals, ethics, religion, beliefs… I propose a toast to ALL of us to agree to disagree.  Empathy is a hard pill to swallow.  It tears into you and puts you in front of a mirror of “Self”.  It is these moments where we can choose to grow or stay the same.   But, to separate 2016 from 2017 I think we all need, not just locally or nationally, but globally, a sense of transparency.  It should be where we can disagree with a point of view, but agree to disagree.  In other words, we may not totally agree with another persons’ point of view, but we should all agree to disagree.  I, You, Us… we do not have the right to just assume the other is wrong if we disagree.  But, if we call agree to disagree, we have been empathetic.  We also have taken the empathy to understand the point of view and reasoning of the others’ opinion.

We are in a huge funk right now and as nice as it is to have our abilities and capabilities to celebrate the New Year (given our own personal abilities and capabilities) I like to think that being grateful to see 2017 come into our worlds is magnificent. It magnifies the fact that we can’t quit on us right now.  We can not give up the ability for us to collectively unify ourselves, despite our imperfections.

Agree to Disagree with Empathy 

I say we all push for the self change…bit by bit, no matter how small it is.  If you don’t judge my literature for not using do not, well then you agreed to disagree but you in the process of change.  We will not be good at this, but if we keep at it we will be great.

Ending this stream of consciousness that could have been a 9 part novel, lets start with a new book, starting with chapter 1: 2017 (but the stream of consciousness is collective #DotDotDot) Bottom line, this year is the year to move forward.  It is time to stop sticking the head in the sand, or justifying that things are not perfect. It is time to show the world who YOU, and who WE are.  Be Well

 #Transparency  #Forgiveness #Love #Acceptance #BeYou #DoYou #Awareness #LetsBuild2017Together


Ethan Plante
Ethan Plante

Ethan's primary role is educating P-Knotters. His favorite P-Knot Move is the Grab and Pull in the hamstrings from a deficit using a UniSphere.

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