September Of Self

September Of Self

This is a quick blurb on what #SeptemberOfSelf was all about.  In the P-Knot process, we have met a lot of like-minded individuals.  We love connecting and talking shop with these types of people.  In fact, we started a quarterly meeting called P-Knot for Practitioners which we just wrapped up our 4th meeting to a very successful year of this “round table” nerd session.

Ryan Irving of IrvFit challenged me on my personal Facebook, along with Jared Mello and Derek Pontier of Iron Prescription, and Marco Sousa and Tomas Rodrigues of P-Knot.  The way I interpreted this challenge, was to show that what we preach is what we practice in the category of taking care of “self”.

We are all coaches, mentors, therapists, and healers of different professions and Ryan challenged us to make sure that we took the time away from being the entrepreneur growing our own businesses which are all focused around health and wellness, to put efforts into our “old Self”.sept-of-self-1

It was easy for me to dive into this P-Knot adventure with such passion and vigor to grow the business and send the message out to people about the benefits of Self Myofascial Release.  What has not been easy for me however, is managing my “Self” time.  I have neglected the efforts of putting time for family, friends, my girlfriend, my hobbies, my own health, and yes…yes, I have even found a little neglect of taking time for Mr. Butters The Cat.

So this blurb here is to end my last personal Facebook post on #SeptemberOfSelf, but I will not end the habit that I have created.

Thank you Ryan Irving for having such a fantastic idea to make sure the “healer heals themselves”.  I have to admit, at first I found it somewhat self-serving….which I guess that is EXACTLY what it is!  If it wasn’t for the challenge of it, and having to prove time taken for myself, I probably would have fizzled out on actually taking time by day 2 or 3.

So here is my #day30 #SeptemberOfSelf:  My Take Aways.  I took away from this month some very valuable (and too obvious that I couldn’t see the forest through the trees) lessons.

  • Stepping away from the grind makes me better at grinding. In other words, if I do not take time to sharpen the blade my efforts and intentions are lost. I realize now that for a while I have been hacking and hacking away with a dull blade.
  • Taking time for “Self” has reminded me of who I am inside, besides the business owner/entrepreneur of a small business. This realization is only going to make my work better, and I will have clarity even on those days where nothing seems to go smooth.
  • Walking away from the grind to reconnect with family and friends, the girlfriend and the cat, and the hobbies and personal interests will be truly beneficial, as my support groups who have always been behind me will see how I have always truly felt; it shows my love and appreciation for being there when I am need. It also is a going back to point 2 above in regards to charging my internal “Ethan” batteries.
  • This has taught me about changing habits. Whether it be instilling a new good habit, or destroying a bad habit, consistency is KEY.  I now want to make up a word (but Marco beat me to the punch!! nice one man)… ConsistentKey, ha!
  • I realized that the like-minded people in my business world are also just like me, and I can call them friends not business acquaintances.


Summarizing all of this, I want to say that I have enjoyed the pressure of a challenge to spend time during my long days to focus on “Self”.  It truly has revamped my prospective and has allowed me to re-evaluate my day to day structure.  Special thank you to Ryan Irving for this.  You are a personal #StarFishThrower in my life now.  If it was not for the FeRx guys, and the P-Knot guys to jump in and take this challenge with me, I am not so sure I would have completed it.  But, the stars aligned and this last day of SeptemberOfSelf ends on a month with a double new moon.  Cheers to new beginnings!

Be Well everyone.

Ethan Plante
Ethan Plante

Ethan's primary role is educating P-Knotters. His favorite P-Knot Move is the Grab and Pull in the hamstrings from a deficit using a UniSphere.

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