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Bulk orders save 15% instantly, lowers your shipping costs and are great for sports teams, gyms/boxes, Physical Therapy offices, P-Knot classes or just a group of friends who want to P-Knot together!

To receive bulk pricing you must order between 10 to 50 P-Knots.  For orders of 50+ P-Knots please contact us to check product availability and pricing.

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The P-Knot™ is an easy to use tool that efficiently helps one to perform self-massage or Self Myofascial Release (SMR).  The bi-spherical peanut shape makes the P-Knot™ easy to control the leverage, location, and applied pressure that is desired.  Using a P-Knot™ helps target the issue with the tissue with pin-point accuracy, putting the “self” in Self Myofascial Release.  The P-Knot™ is like a personal masseuse that is compact, mobile and durable so that you can take it with you wherever you go.  The P-Knot™ is not limited as just a SMR tool. There are many other ways to use the P – Knot™ including as a postural aid when sitting and sleeping, as a yoga block, as a prehab/rehab tool, as an aid in different weight lifting techniques, and much more! Designed to last, the P-Knot is made from a highly durable, odorless unique blend of polyurethane foam that is comfortable yet incredibly firm.  It is the best all-in-one tool that provides anyone, anywhere, anytime the ability to achieve health and wellness, naturally.

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Weight 1.3 lbs
Product Dimensions

8.2” Length x 4.2” Diameter Spheres


~1.2 lbs Per P-Knot


100% Polyurethane Foam


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P-Knots are currently unavailable. Ethan Plante, the owner & creator of P-Knot passed away January 16, 2022 and it is unclear if/when they will be available again. Dismiss