P-Knotting Your Glutes

1x Repetition, 90 Seconds

p-knottingforbuttMost people today suffer from inactive and sleeping Buttocks or Glutes, which are a collection of 4 powerful muscles. As a result, we rely on other muscle groups to move us around. Inactive Glutes are one of the biggest contributors to lower back pain. P-Knotting the Glutes daily will help to stimulate and activate the Glutes, which will take a load off your back!

Before You Begin

  • Bend forward at the waist and keep your back straight.
  • Stand up straight again and bring one knee up towards the chest, then try the other. Do not force what is not comfortable.
  • Try touching your toes, or reaching up for the sky. Perhaps trying to turn through the torso left and right.
  • Notice the inabilities of breathing and any tightness you feel.


Start by sitting on the P-Knot on the floor. Use a couch or chair to help control your balance, as well as to help the descent and ascent from the floor if needed. Placement of the P-Knot should be right in the middle of your glutes, right on or close to the butt bones aka the heads of the femurs. You may also use a wall to support your back for added balance.


Sitting in a chair place the P-Knot right in the middle of your glutes, right on or close to the butt bones.

  • With your knees bent begin to slowly pull yourself forward and backward, using your heels and/or arms for leverage. Begin to change the angle of your entire mid-section by “scooting” to one side.
  • Continue rolling back and forth slowly, but now with the P-Knot and weight shifted on one side of the Glutes.
  • Continue to “scoot” over so that you end by rolling the side part of your Glute and side Hip area.
  • If possible lean back to roll the top of the glute you may even support your weight by putting your elbows on the ground instead of your hands.
  • During these motions try straightening out the engaged bent knee to expose different muscular angles of the glutes.
  • You can also cross the engaged side ankle of the non engaged side knee to expose even more deep musculature.
  • Repeat the other side of the Glutes by first starting at the top of your Glutes again.
Ethan Plante
Ethan Plante

Ethan's primary role is educating P-Knotters. His favorite P-Knot Move is the Grab and Pull in the hamstrings from a deficit using a UniSphere.

2 thoughts on “P-Knotting Your Glutes

  1. Neale says:

    I coach gymnastics and would love to incorporate your techniques, but would love videos! Do you plan to do this? Looking for glute, psoas, quad , hamstring, and leg adductor stretches!

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