Corporate Wellness

P-Knot Industries is a resource for Health, Wellness, and Vitality. We’ve dedicated our lives to improving the human experience through highly impactful education. By delivering Tips, Tricks, and Techniques we help you understand how to reduce Pain, improve Posture, and enhance daily Performance.

Our programs will shift the way you and your team think about health and workplace productivity. Informative and thought-provoking, from the first technique to the last, P-knot inspires life changing habits with immediate results.

1 hour class using body weight and P-Knotting techniques.

Topics include:

  • Balance
  • Core Strength
  • Postural Corrective Exercises
  • Flexibility & Mobility

Experience an impactful and life changing seminar that includes knowledge and customized hands-on application for your company’s specific needs.

  • Digital reference guides
  • Ergonomic Fundamentals
  • Productivity Enhancement Techniques
  • Identifying Occupational Stress Habits
  • Tips, Tricks, and Techniques for Daily Application

Wellness Program 
This is our most thorough program for companies that value long term health & wellness plans that increase employee productivity, job satisfaction, retention, and overall respect. First, we identify and target the areas weighing down on your employees’ well-being, which indirectly affect your company. Then we create a simple, efficient strategy and integrate it using our result based approach.

Achieved in our 3 simple stages:

1. Foundation

Develop a foundation of understanding: In a forum setting, participants start to understand the way their body works and how to apply our techniques in their own way for long term sustainability. During this stage, we assess where their bodies are and how it affects them. What habits do they need to break or set in place to better themselves?

2. Evaluation 

Game Plan Development: School is out! It’s time for each participant to apply what they’ve learned to develop an action plan. During this stage, we fine tune and customize our techniques to the needs of the participants. At the end of this phase the participant will have a full understanding of what works for them and how to apply the information for a full lifestyle change.

3. Integration 

Lifestyle Support for Long Term Sustainability: This is the most important phase. There is a reason most diet plans and New Year’s resolutions fail. Without having proper support the goals and great ideas seem to fizzle out and die. In Stage 3 we set up lines of communication for teams, continued education, and leadership support for team leaders in order to maximize the results.

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