P-Knot for Practitioners v1.3

On October 28th, 2015 P-Knot held the first P-Knot for Practitioners; a quarterly “meeting of the minds” at Healthtrax Health & Wellness in East Providence, RI (with the help of Karen who set us up here).

The goal was to get a bunch of healthcare professionals together in one room to discuss topics from health, wellness, vitality, rehab, prehab, post rehab, strength and conditioning, and fitness using holistic approaches.  This focus group meeting turned into the requests of holding a quarterly meeting at different location and different topic of discussion.  Thus, P-Knot for Practitioners was born.

Our second meeting was at AMP Training Center in North Kingstown, RI (thanks Andy!!).  This was a special moment for me personally as I was able to unveil the P-Knot Techniques to a mix of 22 professionals in the field of healthcare.  I wanted honest and educated feedback from those who provide treatments, education, and training to both the general public and athletes for a living.  The collaboration and open discussions gave traction to continuing this quarterly get together.

Todd and Stacey, owners of Health Source Fall River offered to provide their facility for the next P-Knot for Practitioners which is going to be held on June 1st.  The conversations I have had with Todd and Stacey about corrective exercises and proper motor patterns led me to the conclusion that this third gathering shall be on P-Knotting coupled with Athletic Development.

What is Athletic Development?  Well, to put it simply, it is the ability to perform the foundation of movement such as skipping, jumping, hopping, galloping, shuffling, bounding, back peddling, etc.  By the time a child reaches 8 years of age, skipping should be ingrained into the brain.  However, in today’s society you will find plenty of teenagers who do not know how to skip!!  This indicates the lack of other basic human movements which translates into poor movement patterns as they grow into the age of life, resulting in chronic pain, injury, and disease.

I look forward to proposing the issue to any and all professionals on June 1st.  I have some sample solutions and will be opening up the floor to discussion.  I want to collaborate and find some preventative solutions, as well as share ideas on developing the gross and fine motor patterns that have been lost to our society.

Who are we looking for to come to P-Knot for Practitioners? Physical Therapists, Exercise Physiologists, Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, Physiotherapists, Strength and Conditioning Coaches, Life Coaches, Nutritionists, Physicians, Orthopedics, Athletic Trainers, Personal Trainers, Acupuncturists, Yoga and Pilates Instructors, and any other professional who is looking to network, learn, and share knowledge.  Heck I would love to meet an Endocrinologist on June 1st!!!

Please reserve a spot asap by emailing Tom who is the Director of Operations: Tom@P-Knot.com  Space is limited so we are capping this session at 15.  Hope to see you there!


Be Well,



Ethan Plante
Ethan Plante

Ethan's primary role is educating P-Knotters. His favorite P-Knot Move is the Grab and Pull in the hamstrings from a deficit using a UniSphere.

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