Posture for Health, Wellness, and Vitality

Posture is the characteristic or prescribed way of bearing one’s body under the constant of gravity. Posture develops with habits, regardless of good or bad. Posture is our frame, or “Blue Print”. If we do not have mechanical efficiency then all sorts of breakdowns will occur. This will lead to injuries, disease, and pain. Postural tendencies are dictated by the way we stand, sit, sleep, relax, play, work, and sometimes is congenital by nature. In all cases, we tend to be unaware of how we are holding our body throughout the day.

P-Knotting is a great way to undo our day. We have certain demands that are repetitive during our day to day lives. Even if we never become aware of our postural tendencies during the day, we can at the least take the time to release some of the tensions that are shifting our posture out of alignment. Posture is directly related to pain because if the body’s Blue Print is off, there will be excess wear and tear on the joints, ligaments, tendons, bones, muscles, fascia, and other soft tissues. This excess wear and tear will begin to create unhealthy friction leading to inflammation, micro tears, pinched or compressed nerves, and overworked muscles all of which will eventually lead to bigger Issues with the Tissues. Ultimately, health, wellness, and vitality are dependent upon posture. P-Knotting will undoubtedly help to reduce some of our postural issues that our body endures from daily tendencies as well as increase our daily performance.

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