Activate Your Muscles, Tendons, and Ligaments

shutterstock_149253968Performance is the act of executing an action. It is a measurable way in which someone or something functions. Performance could be anything from the way you tie shoe in the morning, sit in a chair, pick up a box off the floor, walk, jump, run, exercise, and even breathe. Performance can also be looked at on a more elite level such as in sports. In all cases, the performance is dictated by movement patterns, which is very directly related to the posture of the body, and any pain that is perceived.

If you cannot physically get into the optimal position to perform the execution of the action, then there is a higher risk of poor performance. Posture regulates the movement patterns, and pain can prevent the patterns from being done correctly as to avoid the unsatisfactory sensation, even if it is unconsciously. Performing poorly will set up the body for injury, as well as decrease the quality in which the action is completed.

P-Knotting helps to activate the muscles, tendons, and ligaments that are to be used in the upcoming action. P-Knotting will increase the range of motion (ROM) of the joints, stimulate the CNS to be more responsive, initiate motor units to fire correctly, and promote oxygen rich, nutrient dense blood into the tissue for a total body warm up. There is also a mind/body connection when P-Knotting which for performance will help to prime the proprioceptors of the neurological system and put you in a focused and aware state of mind. Whether it is a daily task, or a complex overloaded athletic movement, P-Knotting for performance is a crucial start to lowering the risk of injury and increasing the level of quality of the execution.

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