Different Types of Pain

Pain is never a straight forward description. Individuals will perceive pain differently. There are also different types of pain described, such as a feeling that is dull, sharp, referred, throbbing, stinging, burning, achy, fatigue, numbness, pinching, and ripping. Pain can be acute or chronic. The International Association for the Study of Pain defines pain as “an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage.” The overall word pain is something that humans suffer with and seek help, sometimes desperately, to alleviate.

Self Myofascial Release

P-Knotting is a form of Self Myofascial Release that can help to alleviate the symptoms or perception of pain. Deactivating Trigger Points, releasing muscle tension, stimulating blood flow, separating fused tissue, and activating dormant muscle groups are holistic and natural ways to alleviate pain. In acute pain, often times P-Knotting will make the pain totally disappear. In chronic pain, P-Knotting can help to manage the high levels of uncomfortable pain. But, pain is never the problem. Pain tells us there is an Issue with the Tissue, and ignoring it or masking it will only make the cause manifest. We need to look at the source of the pain, and not just the symptomatic area of pain. This is where Posture comes in.

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Exercises for Pain