The P-Knot Promise – Zero Risk Refund Policy

Once you experience the power of Self Myofascial Release we believe you’ll be hooked!  Hearing and seeing does not compare to experiencing it.  Our goal is to get you down on a P-Knot and try it, which can be tough as an E-commerce business so we are making it easy for you.  If you do not LOVE your P-Knot we will buy it back 100% within 30 days and we will cover shipping both ways.  We want to give you a true zero risk opportunity to make your life happier and healthier.



Two Generation Warranty Guarantee

We stand behind our P-Knots!  We designed a product meant to last a lifetime.  We also want to introduce the youth to Self Myofascial Release so it becomes a daily physical hygiene practice.  Soooo, we decided to have a two generation guarantee!  If your P-Knot breaks down or gets ruined from P-Knotting in your lifetime OR your kids lifetime we’ll replace it free!  Wow, what a bad business model, okay realistically we might not be in business for the next generation with claims like that but we will replace your P-Knot as long as Ethan and Ryan are the business owners.  With two generations of P-Knotting we cannot guarantee it will remain looking brilliant and clean but we guarantee its structural integrity.

**The refund policy and warranty guarantee will require no additional information for direct purchases from  If you purchased your P-Knot from a third party but want to deal with us direct we may require additional information before processing.**

Durability Bouts

P-Knot – 3 | Destruction – 0

P-Knot  VS. Thor Hammer

P-Knot  VS. Excavator

P-Knot  VS.  SUV Peel-Out

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We believe in not taking more materials from the earth than needed, just as strongly as we believe that needing to consistently replace a tool will inhibit daily habitual use. That is why we made the P-Knot durable enough to last two generations of daily use!